simple cool crafts for all children

DIY Crafts for kids

: simple fun and also cool crafts for kids!

Holiday crafts for kids

Easter Egg Wreath Craft

This Easter Egg Wreath Craft is a fantastic way to let your child express their creativity!

Easter Bunny Place Card Holder Craft

Have your child make the place card holders for Easter dinner!

Sock Puppet Bunny Craft

This bunny is a great Easter craft for kids that is a fun toy when it is done.

Easter Bunny Bag Craft

Our Easter bunny bag craft turns a simple white gift bag into an adorable Easter basket.

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Animal crafts for kids

Egg Carton Litter Bug Craft

Recycle those egg carton and create your own unique litter bug in the process.

Folded Paper Butterfly Craft

Here is a little different variation on the folded paper butterfly. It's light and lovely and fun for the kids to make.

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Number & Alphabet crafts for kids

Octopus Counting Craft

Have fun creating this under the sea creature and learning numbers and counting.

Daisy Pedal Math Craft

Have your child learn to count and recognize numbers as they do this adorable daisy petal math craft.

Caterpillar Counting Craft

Have your child learn to count and recognize numbers as they do this adorable caterpillar counting craft.

Apple Tree Numbers Craft

This craft is great to make at home or in the classroom setting.

Other crafts for kids

Hedgehog Paperweight Craft

All you need is the right shaped rock to create this cute little Hedgehog Paperweight.

Glowing Leaves Craft

In this project, you simply decoupage pressed flowers and leaves to a votive cup and cover with tissue paper.

Twig Vase Craft

Take the kids on a nature hike and collect twigs to cover a glass bottle to make a beautiful craft vase.

Scanned Leaf Craft

Turn this knowledge into a tool for making crafts in a new way.

Hundreds of kids crafts are here, and DIY crafts for kids are all for fun. We have holiday crfts, animal crafts, seasonal crafts, number and alphabet crafts and other more crafts. Each section has its features. The crafts here are easy, which don't need a lots of help and materials. It's a great thing for parents to make some simple and cool crafts with kids at weekends.

DIY crafts for kids

We've got fun and simple crafts for kids. Only a little equipment and materials are needed, like scissors, paper, glue and so on. Besides, we will teach kids repurpose discarded materials into recycled crafts. Kids will be absolutely busy keeping their hands with these DIY crafts.

Fun crafts for kids

Thousands of inexpensive and super fun crafts for all ages of children. Grab your glue and scissors, kids, let's begin our fun crafts journey. With all the fun DIY crafts ideas, kids can develop important skills. These are fun crafts for kids to make and even more fun to play with in imaginary world.

Simple crafts for kids

We only collect funny and simple crafts. The simple crafts for kids here are suitable to make at school and at home. With a little instruction, these simple crafts are easy enough for kids as young as 3 or 5 years old, so get out the materials and tools for hours of crafting fun.

Cool crafts for kids

These do-it-yourself craft ideas are not only easy and fun but also cool. Kids who are glued to the computer games, now join us with these kids cool crafts. All the fun crafts for kids on this page are crafts you will enjoye doing in your home. Remember: Diy crafts for kids are helpful!