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Bug crafts for kids

New Bug crafts for kids

Pet Rock Ladybugs craft

These pet rock ladybugs are super easy to make and super cute to play.

Very Hungry Caterpillar Toys Craft

Young children will especially find this activity fun.

Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft

This coffee filter butterfly craft is a classic.

Bottle Cap Caterpillar Craft

This bottle cap caterpillar makes a great bug craft.

Paper Plate Ladybug Craft

The paper plate ladybug craft for kids is really cute.

Firefly Craft

Remind you the time chasing after fireflies in summer.

Paper Plate Beetle Craft

When you have finished this beetle craft, you will find it really cute.

Fruit Cup Ladybugs Craft

With a fruit cup, you can make a lovely ladybug craft!

Tissue Paper Butterfly

Very simple craft!

Ladybug craft for kids Ladybug craft

This paper plate ladybug craft for kids turns out really cute everytime.

Green Inchworm Craft for Kids

Simple and fun, unlike other complicated bug craft for kids to make.

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