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New Space crafts for kids

Puffy Paint Moon Craft

Homemade puffy paint is one of the best craft recipes there is.

Planet Earth Craft

Children will love using the homemade puffy paint.

Peg Aeroplane Craft

This craft is great for boys. It can also be easily customised for younger child

Cardboard Tube Rocket Set Craft

Make up these funky rockets and recycle those cardboard tubes.

Air Powered Rocket Launcher Craft

Make two for fun rocket challenges.

Toilet Roll Air Plane Craft

Make your own toilet roll airplane with magazine paper and paddle pop sticks.

Alien Craft

There is no right or wrong to make a alien craft.

Clothespin Airplane Craft

Add this airplane craft to your fridge's collection.

Space Shuttle Craft

If your kid is a space enthusiast, this space shuttle is perfect.

UFO Craft

Even girls love this UFO craft.

Recycled Rocket Craft

After finish your milk, it will be a great idea to make it a recycled rocket cra

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